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My grandfather by Oceanlinerorca
My grandfather
This is a photo of my grandfather. He was a boat builder having worked at Greavette Boats, one of two well known wooden boat manufacturing companies that resided within my hometown. Here, he is posing with one of the boats he built and is wearing his Ford baseball cap. I think some of his genes were passed onto me and that's why I am into boats and ships.

Sadly though, just a year or so after I was born, he passed away from cancer so I have little to no memories of him since I was extremely young.
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Titanic OST
  • Reading: Comments and replies
  • Watching: Titanic documentaries
  • Playing: Hidden Mysteries Titanic
Well, we have reached April 14th, the day of the tragedy. Tonight Titanic will strike the iceberg and sink, going into the realm of legend and still be discussed a century after she sank.

I am watching now James's Cameron's blockbuster film Titanic as I always do every Titanic week each year.

Of course, this year, 2015, will be the centennial of the Olympic-class ships' rival coming up in May.


James aka "Captain"
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
WARNING: if you have come to my page to cause trouble I will block you so don't bother!

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Dream Address: 5600 - 2327 - 2671 (dream updated every few days)

:groups: I am the founder and owner of :iconocean-liner-club: to unite ocean liner fans and fanatics together.

RMS Canada crew:

Captain and officers:

Captain: :iconoceanlinerorca:

First officer: :iconkanetakerfan701:

Second officer: :iconcarsdude:

Third officer: :iconkellyn87:

Fourth officer: :iconvulpixtrainer1912:

Fifth officer: :iconaeronauticalrr:

Sixth officer: :icondragonmaster616:

Chief officer: :iconcivilwarbuff1865:

Engineering crew:

Chief engineer: :icontscastro1989:

Stoker/fireman: :iconbigtimelatiaslover35:

Greaser: :iconfatthoron:

Trimmer: :iconcruiseshipz:

Deck crew:

Able seaman: :iconjeffpossible:

Lookout: :icongermanname:

Quartermaster: :icontailsandpercy105:


:iconriverking: :iconfredvegerano: :iconarmian: :iconjwthamajestic: :iconboblupo: :iconmonsterh2o: :iconmonkfishlover: :iconrisingsunyamamoto98:


Hi! My name's James but I mostly called "Captain" after my fursona who is an anthropomorphic orca sea captain from the 1920's that commands an ocean liner known as the RMS Canada of the Maple Leaf Line. I am an autistic male from Canada who loves to draw ships, boats and other nautical stuff as well as being a history buff. At one time I used to build scratch-built model ships from cardboard and such but I no longer do so because of limited space. While the above are my main subjects of interest, I have others as well like photography, film making, computers and video games mainly Nintendo and their franchises like Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon.

This account will mostly consist of photographs and digital artwork. I will also upload screenshots from games I have played, most of which will be of Ship Simulator 2008.

What I will draw:

:bulletblack: Furry/anthro/non-anthro
:bulletblack: Ships and boats
:bulletblack: Other things that are non-boat or ship-related

What I will NEVER draw or simply have no interest in:

:bulletred: Porn, yiff, scat, urine, nudity, sexual themes, extreme violence, blood and gore or anything that I find disgusting or disturbing
:bulletred: Anything futuristic from the Star Wars or Star Trek universes
:bulletred: Vore, paw or any other fetishes
:bulletred: Sailing ships and warships
:bulletred: Aviation
:bulletred: MLP
:bulletred: Cartoon inflation
:bulletred: Transformation


My fursona and ships created by me as well as the Maple Leaf Line and DSBC (Davidson Ship Building Company) are © :iconoceanlinerorca:. Please ask for permission to draw them or include in a scene, comic, etc unless otherwise stated. Please DO NOT repost any of my pictures or artwork without my permission. Due to being busy a lot with ship-related things and such, I don't leave "thanks for faving" shoutouts or "your welcome" for faving. I will still give thanks for faving my artwork/photos.

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Hey can you tell me how to use stamps? I want to post them on both of my accounts but I don't know how.
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Yes, I'm in Eastern Time. 

Go to the stamp's page (like this for example meganekkoplymouth241.deviantar…) and scroll down the right side of the page until you see Details.  Under that look for Thumb and simply copy that and paste into whatever you want. 
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